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Nightkeep is mix of metroidvania/RPG inspired by some JRPG games.

  • Original fantasy story with fairytale elements.
  • Original artwork and soundtrack
  • Many various quests and NPCs
  • Multiple endings
  • Game mechanics influenced by the PS1/SNES era of video games
  • Classic RPG elements - EXPs, a leveling system, equipable items and power ups.
  • More than 70 different items
  • Slight rogue-like elements
  • Supported platforms: MS Windows, works with Wine on Linux

Currently hiatus. I am working on a smaller side project see https://twitter.com/PixelABCD, I will use any income from it as an external source of funding for this game. You can read a detailed description of Nightkeep @ https://igg.me/at/keep


The game holds over 60 different items you can come across during your playthrough of the campaign. They can be found in chests, secret rooms or in the corpses of your enemies. 

Story background

Long ago, the world was divided into 4 different kingdoms. A chain of events, however, caused one king to disappear, leaving the 3 kingdoms fighting over his lands.

All that is in the past now. Let’s jump 735 years into the future, where two huntresses are on their way to the Nightkeep village, sent by their guild. 


The Game is now on Indiegogo ( https://igg.me/at/keep), I am seeking funds to cover music and to dive into  the full-time development so I could finish it in the short period of time.

Works well with Wine.

Detailed wall of text on my personal website - http://nightkeep.rpg2heaven.com/


I hope you will enjoy the demo and I am always open to get more feedback.

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, JRPG, Metroidvania, Pixel Art

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ja ta completo o jogo?

Amazing visuals, really good story
Good Work!

Looks like an interesting game loaded with potential, but sadly I couldn't advance pass the two characters talking in the forest...

It's really good

Is a Wonderful Game!!!!!!

Really well made game! I mean my laptop was somewhat laggy, and that still didn't stop me from enjoying it. Had a great time playing, and I made sure to leave a link to here, and encouraged people to support the devs so this game can get finished! 


Cool:) ! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Stahuju a jde se hrát.

Hello, is there aveyond on adroid

hi, no. this is pc only


A bit of critique and fair prereview in one video


CoalFire's Let's play, early alpha before December17 update