I plan to dive into this small Armortale project that started this year. I no longer plan to hire additional artists or professional musician.

Who i am again ?

Game dev hobbyist from Czech republic. Creating games over a decade, I worked with RPG maker a lot before I decided to move off to create full custom games.

What is Armortale?

  • 2D platformer inspired by hidden gem, Lickle (Little Samson)
  • I am working with Nes palette + I drive in some custom colors
  • Game will contain separated stages with boss at the end of each
  • Game for MS Windows with full Gamepad Support
  • Works well with Wine

Why I am creating Armortale?

Nightkeep project failed its crowdfunding campaign, this didn’t allow me to progress further /music, additional art, translaton/ and I allowed myself to get burned by negativity. I decided to start small-scale 0 budget project, that I would be able to handle myself - maybe with some small help. This project is Armortale.

Goals of Armortale

While Nightkeep is project I wanted to complete, I spent my savings on it. It led me to bad situation. I’d like to use Armortale to partially cover my loses. Games aren’t my work. Just spare time hobby.

**Further information is about my patreon, read only if you are interested to know more about it.

Why I was inactive on patreon now ?

I took kinda long break from game dev, I started the small project this year but really didn’t dive into it so much as I wished. I changed work and while I work normally 5days in a week, I have random shifts so I never know how long they will be. Usually 12 hours, sometimes 15 too… So by the end of the month, I hit 220 +/- hours spent at work. It’s kinda not as I wish, so I plan to change my work as soon as I possible.

My current Armortale / Patreon plans.

I wish to dive into Armortale fully during the free days that I have and I wonder, do you think that if I resume payments on patreon. Will it change anything for me? I refunded my patrons after Nightkeep failed, it seemed fair to me so I left with ease for a bit. But now I am back with something small and I could use the help of any support. I will try to keep updates public to all, however, some posts may contain spoilers and I might release alphas for private tests. All 1+ backers will have access to these. And 5+ patrons will have betas/final version of Armortale upon its release.

Will you join me on this Quest ? I will always try to post updates when I have something. Join me and watch the game grow with each patreon update.

Feel free to check my patreon :! Sorry for my English also.

*When I will think game got to decent stage, I will start its own gamejolt page. I do not want to spoil minor updates here or just WIP with some placeholders, patreon is the place for that. It’s in its early stages.

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