Combat System

Hi, before I will get to the combat, please support Nightkeep through Thunderclap (it’s free)! Go to the Thunderclap campaign and select any of the 3 options: Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Thank you!

New combat prototype. Combat is based on stamina now, but don’t worry. Lack of stamina will never stop you. You can still attack normally. Stamina adds great aid to the current Gemstone system that I plan to expand as well. With stamina Arietta will be able to perform combos, charge attacks, to use different attacks with the same gemstone and it will also help to balance otherwise overpowered stuff. Oh, by the way one you see in the GIF is just your basic sword, no gemstone equipped - it is just that stab, stab forward weapon you know from the demo.

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Dec 21, 2017

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