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is a cool retro game ♥ 

Hey, thanks for playing and enjoying this game!

100% Recomendado ♥

este juego esta buenísimo


Is a Steam code included?

No, Steam and this are two separated versions.


That's not what I meant. I was asking if a code to get the Steam version, came with the purchase of this one.

Alot of games on here do this.


Any plans for an OSX release?

No, there are no plans for further ports. Just Windows.


Oh too bad. I really wanted to play this one

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Jajaja finally beat River Slide  !!

  I struggled too much (gameplay doesn´t show all previous attemps) !!, looking forward to finishing it (any % at least) and then I probably comeback for a bit of backtrack.

All said, great game thank you and congrats.

Thanks for the play! u're pretty far now.

Great game.  Was waiting for it on here cos I saw people say it was on Steam last week and I don't like Steam so yay for this. :)

For sure, is more indie focused so it's a good choice.

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Full version, 1.06, released today!

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The game glitches after I finish the second boss fight(in the first area), after I got the star the screen goes black... I waited a couple of minutes and nothing happened 

PD:Sorry for my english this is not my first language :')

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Thanks for the report, this got fixed in the current build (1.05). Demo is version 1.02

Fun demo just... I think the witch... eats... crows. Why? :) Keep up the good work! 


Thanks. She loves crows!

This game is awesome!!! Will the full version cost money?

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Thanks, glad you like! Answer is yes, I invested money into the production so it is a wise step to set some decent price for the game. It will first come to Steam and I will see how the game will be doing. It will probably reach itch and gamejolt later.

where is the demo?

I re-uploaded it today. It's up now.

What languages does the game have? If possible would have as you put Brazilian Portuguese?

Only English. It was a small nightmare to translate game into English. 

is full game out yet?

No, not yet. I will announce closer date when I have one.

This is such an awesome game!!!

Thanks, man! Nice LP-

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I removed build of demo because of closed beta, we're fixing bugs and some got into demo. When I have stable build, I'll return it asap.

Is the demo meant to end once you get to the witch's house? It showed me the scenes about the hero then returned to the world map and nothing more happened.

No! that's so odd! Someone went full playthru here:

So yes, this was patched version of demo as game is still in closed beta, there are bugs and some weren' solved. Sorry about that! I will surely upload a new version when it will get more stable.

Can't wait to play more when it's out again, will do a write up on my blog. (I actually wrote about Nightkeep a while back too!)

I released a bit updated demo today,  fixed some bugs in there.  Tho I didn't test it, I believe it works! :D

This is actually amazing! Are you working on this solo? I love it

Thanks! Yes, it is solo on game/code/art. I had small help with text translation at some parts as I fight with English a bit. And I work with a musician who composes the soundtrack.